Saturday, May 07, 2005

EU will increase funds to Turkey above 1 bn euros in 2006, says Kretchmer

Spanish, Czech and Polish accession experience recalled at Forum Istanbul

Brussels will provide 500 million euros in pre-accession assistance to Turkey this year and over 1 billion in 2006, EU representative to Turkey Hans Jörg Kretchmer said on Friday in Istanbul.

Anyone looking to see that Turkey gets more help because of its larger than average population -- only Germany's is greater in Europe -- should note that population comparisons with other member states do not support a linear extrapolation on pre-accession assistance, he said.

Kretchmer was speaking at Forum Istanbul, a political, social and economic issues conference.

Europe's ambassador to Turkey does not waste time on niceties. “Negotiations are not about making the Communitaire Acquis fit Turkish wishes,” said Kretchmer and added, “Turkey must fully comply -- the only thing to be negotiated is transition periods.”

The European Union also wants to phase in certain aspects of integration, such as the seven years it negotiated with some new entrants concerning freedom of movement for workers.

(Read the rest of the article on Turkish Daily News)

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