Friday, May 20, 2005

European rights court condemns Turkey in two cases

The European Court of Human Rights condemned Turkey on Thursday for violating the freedom of expression in two separate cases, one of them regarding an article of minority Kurds.

The court ruled in favor of Teslim Tore, who was sentenced to one year, one month and 10 days in prison for "disseminating separatist propaganda" in a 1994 article entitled "Kurdistan’s socialists must seize the moment."

"Finding that the severity of the applicant’s sentence was disproportionate and not necessary in a democratic society, the European Court of Human Rights held, unanimously, that there had been a violation of Article 10" on freedom of expression, the court’s registrar said.


The Strasbourg-based court also ruled in favor of Talat Turhan, who was sentenced to pay damages to a senior Turkish official for passages in his book "Extraordinary War, Terror and Counter-terrorism" which a Turkish court ruled defamatory.

The European court said the sentence amounted to a violation of freedom of expression because statements on the official were "value judgments on an issue of public interest.

(Read the entire article on Kurdish Media)

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