Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Greenpeace: The US has nukes at Incirlik

International environmental group Greenpeace yesterday claimed that the U.S. has nuclear bombs at Turkey's Incirlik Airbase. Greenpeace have opened a “Peace Embassy” in the Incirlik area of Adana to publicize the find to the public.

Aslihan Tumer, representative of the Greenpeace Mediterranean Nuclear Disarmament Campaign, made a speech claiming that there are approximately 90 nuclear bombs at Incirlik Airbase, and asked for the bombs to be returned to the U.S.

Tumer stated that the bombs at Incirlik threaten regional stability and global security, adding that their goal is to inform local people on the issue.

Tumer emphasized the possibility that the U.S. may well send more nucl

ear bombs to Turkey. “Under a censure motion to be presented to the U.S. Senate, the exact location of nuclear bombs on European bases is to be investigated,” said Tumer. “There's the possibility that some nuclear bombs currently stored on European bases may be transferred to Turkey. The motion will be presented to U.S. President Bush on Sept. 23.”

The New Anatolian 18 May 2005

(Source: Turkish Weekly)

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