Sunday, May 29, 2005

Missing persons and unsolved murders: A heavy burden on Turkey

‘If people are still looking for the bones of their relatives so they can pray for them, it is not possible to make social peace a reality in this country,’ says Tanrıkulu, head of the Diyarbakır Bar Association

Whenever one attempts to foster a debate in Turkey bringing the bitter experiences of the past to the country's agenda, one can easily be regarded as an enemy of social harmony with the idea that the debate might lead to enmity between state and people, or among the people of the country.

A recent example of this view was observed in the government approach to a domestic initiative aimed at questioning Turkey's official position on the tragic World War I events that led to the Armenian genocide allegations.

Turkey's Human Rights Association (İHD) last week brought other bitter memories to the minds of Turks: that hundreds of people are still missing and their fates still not known. Most went missing in the two decades following the coup in September 1980.

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