Saturday, May 07, 2005

'Secularism No Means for Oppressing Pious'

The Ankara Bar Association, at the Court of Appeals 4th Criminal Department , made an important decision regarding lawyer Hatice Hasdemir, who was thrown out of court when she came to a trial session wearing a headscarf.

Overruling the application submitted for sending Hasdemir to the disciplinary council, the Bar declared its justification as well. The decision reads that Hasdemir did not have to come to a trial session without wearing her headscarf, and important decisions were reached for how secularism should be understood: "The Secular state is the state which does not base itself on religion, does not discriminate between its citizens according to their religious affiliation, and which does not oppress the pious."

Emphasizing that the administrative board is extremely sensitive to secularism, the statement points out that the subject is generally misunderstood nationwide.

(Source: Zaman)

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