Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Suspects of flag desecration incident released

Mersin court rules to release juvenile suspects who dragged the Turkish flag during Nevroz celebrations, an event that escalated tension in the country

Five suspects who were arrested after they attempted to burn the Turkish flag during Nevroz celebrations on March 20, which stirred up nationalism in Turkey, were released following their first hearing, the Doğan News Agency reported yesterday.

The families and the friends of the arrested children, C.S. (12), V.S. (14), F.B. (13), E.B. (13), Sultan Taş (18) and M.A. (12) rushed to the hearing at the Mersin Criminal Court, which Torlev Ofland from the Norwegian Embassy and Willemijn Van Haaften from the Dutch Embassy attended as observers.

(Source: Turkish Daily News)

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