Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Turkey charged in connection with union leader’s death

The European court of human rights ruled here Tuesday that Turkey had at least badly treated a trade union leader last seen alive while in custody before being found dead in a ditch in 1994.

Then head of the health workers union, Necati Aydin and his wife were arrested March 18, 1994 and according to the wife were taken blindfolded to a building where he was tortured. The Turkish government says Aydin was released but there are no further reported sightings of him alive.

Aydin was found in a ditch, blindfolded, hands tied behind his back and with a bullet in his skull, on April 9, 1994.

Whilst in captivity, Aydin’s wife claimed she heard her husband screaming, had seen him stripped naked, huddled, shivering and wet and that she too had been ordered to strip naked in front of him.

(Source: Kurdish Media)

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