Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Turkey comes in as fifth factor in French voter rejection of EU Constitution

The Turkish factor in the French voters' 5% rejection of the EU Consitution in Sunday's elections was not as high as previously thought. Polls conducted by the CSA Research Institute are showing that Turkey was actually on average the fifth in a list of reasons for a "No" vote on Sunday. While around 14% of the "No" votes were linked to possible Turkish EU accession, a much larger 41% of the "No" votes were due to "The social situation in France," according to answers to the 10 questions posed by the poll.

Same polls also showed that, more than Turkey, French voters fear the cheap work force of the 10 countries newly accepted into the EU. There was also a fear that the already high jobless rate would be increased with the flow of workers willing to work for cheaper wages from the easternmost sections of the EU.

The poll by the CSA Research Institute revealed that the French people were focusing on the following issues when voting "Yes" or "No" in Sunday's referendum:

Social situation and problems: 41%

France's role within Europe: 26%

The place of Europe within the world: 24%

The contents of the EU Constitution: 21%

Turkey's possible entry into the EU: 14%

(Source: Hürriyetim)

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