Saturday, May 07, 2005

Turkey long way from EU membership: Kretschmer

Kretschmer said that if the Greek Cypriot administration was not recognised by Ankara that the Greek Cypriots would have the right to veto direct trade with the TRNC

Turkey has a long way to go before it will meet the standards required for membership of the European Union, a senior EU official said Friday.

In an exclusive interview on NTV on Friday, Hansjorg Kretschmer, said that Turkey still had many reforms to implement in order to achieve membership of the EU. “There are great gaps in respect to human rights and freedoms,” Kretschmer said. “Freedom of expression, religion and the place of women in the society have serious deficiencies.”

Not much had been achieved as yet on reforming civilian-military relations, legal reforms and their implementation, he said.

Furthermore Kretschmer stressed that the underdeveloped economic and social nature of the southeast of Turkey as a drawback.

“There a long path ahead of Turkey,” he said.

The reform process in Turkey had lost momentum and had slowed down, and that there were two conditions to be met by Turkey in order for accession negotiations to start as scheduled on October 3, one the signing of the Ankara protocol and passing the new penal code, he said.

(Source: Ntv)

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