Thursday, May 05, 2005

Turkey to Stretch Relations with EU

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul has warned that Turkey will enter a difficult negotiation process with the European Union (EU), and defined the policy to bepursued during this process. Describing Turkey-EU relations as an elastic band, Gul said: "We will stretch it, but not to breaking point."

Foreign Minister Gul made an important speech to the Parliament, the EU negotiators, Foreign and Human Rights Commission members and about 40 deputies from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) as well as the Republican People's Party about recent developments in the foreign policy. Gul explained a crucial decision taken during a visit to Brussels last week and added that a consensus had been reached about not making any announcements that might cause polemics with the EU. Gul criticized the attitude of the press over relations between Turkey and the US and noted: "Our relations with the US can also be seen as a strategic partnership and deserve a more realistic and serious evaluation. There should not be so much reaction as only two articles were written."

(Source: Zaman)

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