Friday, June 03, 2005

Mystery girl from cover of French newspapers says: "no" to EU Constitution, "yes" to Turkey

Her photograph graced the front cover of almost every newspaper in France following the rejection of the EU Constitution. A young woman, shouting slogans and waving a copy of the magazine "Red" in the air. In the picture, the word "NON" is written very visibly on the front cover of the magazine. But there is a small detail to the picture which caught the attention of Turkish readers who saw this young woman's photograph. The cartoon character on her red tee-shirt is one of Turkish caricaturist Oguz Aral's most famous ones, "Avanak Avni." In the drawing, "Avanak Avni" is busy smashing a swastika into the ground.

She didn't realize "Avanak Avni" was a Turkish character

A representative from the Dogan Media Agency, interested to find out more about the young woman, tracked her down in Paris, where she is a student at Paris' Jussieu University. It turns out her name is Helene Dufresne, and she studies history at the university, where she is also a member of the League of Revolutionary Communists.

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