Thursday, July 07, 2005

Anti-Americanism in Turkey 16%, Anti-Bush Perspective 71%

Although rumors continue that anti-Americanism has increased in Turkey, most people think the US administration and President George W. Bush are the two responsible figures for the worsening of bilateral relations.

Results of a public opinion poll conducted by Infakto Research Workshop upon the request of the Ari Movement were announced at a news conference Tuesday held at Istanbul's Marmara Hotel. The survey revealed that 46.7 percent of the 1,244 participants from 15 provinces in Turkey think Turkey-US relations are bad or very bad. Fifty-seven percent of participants blame the Washington administration and the US President for the bad course of bilateral relations and they think the US has threatened Turkey unjustly over recent years. Twenty-three percent, on the other hand, think Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish government are responsible parties for the rocky relations.

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Anonymous said...

So? Why mention it? Why not talk about Turkey's relations with Tahiti or Laos or Suriname???

selene said...

Because everybody now is talking about a change in the relationship between Turkey and Us. I wrote a couple of articles in Italy about Metal Firtina, the best seller science fiction novel where Turkey and Us make war to each other. It is a very interesting subject, because Turkey has always been one of the biggest allies of the Us, and all of a sudden, just with the war in Iraq (but actually the process started before, with the Us reaction to 9/11), Turkish people have realized they are not so pro-American, and they even fear that after Iraq, Iran and Syria, the next target will be them. So, I find interesting to follow the evolution in Turkish people's feelings towards America. Are you Turkish? Or maybe American?