Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Headscarf Ban at Turkish Universities in European Press

Girls wearing headscarves in Turkey are going abroad to continue their education as they are banned from entering Turkish universities where the headscarf is not allowed.

According to the article, girls wearing headscarves go to Europe, the US and the Gulf to continue their education. An article in the French newspaper Le Monde said that thousands of young girls wearing headscarves are banned from entering public institutions and politics; and are forced to choose between staying at home or taking off their headscarves in front of the faculty entrances. The article by Marie Jego also relates some recent incidents at the Ataturk University. The debate over the headscarf intensified after the university rector did not let a headscarf-wearing mother attend her daughter's graduation ceremony at the university. The article claims that that the government does not lift the ban so as not to provoke the army. The article, also mentions that the headscarf ban was not implemented at universities during the liberal tenure of Turgut Ozal. The headscarf issue became a target of secularist and Kemalist circles since the end of the 1990s when political Islam began to rise.

The French journalist Jego met with Ayse Bohurler, a prominent figure in Turkish media who wears a headscarf. According to Jego: "She does not seem to be a yielded woman. She has three children and she is successful in both her family and business life."

(Source: Zaman)

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