Saturday, July 23, 2005

Picasso Painting Found in Mersin, was it?

The Turkish gendarme confiscated a painting, claimed to be painted by famous painter Pablo Picasso in Mersin, a Mediterranean coastal city.

Mersin Gendarme squad following a lead confiscated the painting called "Nude Dressing Her Hair" on Friday at a vacation facility in Davultepe town.

A detailed investigation revealed the work, painted on 6 July 1940 and measuring 130×97cm, was smuggled from Kuwait to Iraq and into Turkey. There was also a mark of a seal behind the painting which read that it belongs to Kuwait government. The painting will be sent to Ankara Museums Head Office in order to ascertain whether it is real or not and its value will be estimated. The investigation is still under progress.

(Source: Zaman)

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