Monday, July 18, 2005

'Release of Turkish Soldier to Contribute to Peace'

A joint statement by 22 local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) made in Tunceli urged the release of the soldier, Coskun Kirandi who was kidnapped by terrorists from the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist organization stressing it would contribution to peace and brotherhood.

The statement also called for a stop to operations that would endanger Kirandi's life. Reading the statement at the Tunceli Municipality yesterday on behalf of 22 NGOs Tunceli Mayor Songul Erol Abdil said local administrators of Tunceli and NGOs have serious concerns about the effects of conflicts and operations on the society in the region. PKK terrorists had kidnapped gendarme Coskun Kirandi on Tunceli-Pulumur highway and negotiations towards his recovery had reached a deadlock. Revealing that Kirandi's family had called him, Abdil said, "Just as it is the case with anyone who says 'I am a human', this case puts responsibility on our shoulders for a solution. It is hoped that Kirandi is in good health. We give importance to Kirandi's safe and sound return to his family and believe that this will make a big contribution to peace and brotherhood." Abdil urged each person to fulfill their responsibility in securing the safe and sound return of Kirandi to his family stressing that intellectuals should undertake major responsibility for the solution of the problem. In contrast Tunceli Governor Mustafa Erkal said, "the extensive operation" begun to rescue the soldier continues adding that, "we are trying to rescue our soldier unharmed."

(Source: Turkish Weekly)

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