Saturday, July 16, 2005

Three houses of worship found in Hasankeyf digs

Three places of worship from several religions have been found in a 200-square-meter area of excavations in the Hasankeyf district of Batman, said the Anatolia news agency.

Professor Abdusselam Uluçam, the head of the excavation team, said the places of worship in the valley belonged to Muslims, Christians and polytheists.

The team is digging out a church in Hasankeyf's Karayün Village, which will soon be flooded by the waters of Ilısu Dam, prompting an escalation in the pace of excavation. A total of TL1.5 trillion was allocated for digs in Hasankeyf this year.

Uluçam stressed that the close proximity of the religious sites was significant. “The three buildings standing close to one another indicate that people were living in peace, not in conflict at that time,” he said.

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