Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Former Diyarbakir Mayor Mehdi Zana speaks to TNA: ‘Ocalan must keep out of politics'

After decades away, Mehdi Zana left Sweden and came back to Diyarbakir . In his new apartment, he spoke about recent developments:

‘I'm at the service of the Kurdish people'

‘I think that some generals support Erdogan's new Kurdish approach'
According to Mehdi Zana, Deniz Baykal hasn't moved forward, but in fact leadership needs creativity

Baykal? He's just an empty bowl

Mehdi Zana, a surprise returnee to both politics and Diyarbakir , warned Abdullah Ocalan to stay out of politics, saying, 'A person can't direct things from behind bars. He can't be objective or realistic there either.' Zana declared himself to be in the service of the Kurdish people, but doesn't see things going well recently.

Mehdi Zana, former mayor of Diyarbakir , Leyla Zana's husband and author of eight books on the Kurdish issue, received TNA for an interview in his newly rented apartment in Diyarbakir . There was only one couch in the living room, but a pile of documents could be seen on the ironing board. Waiting for his wife Leyla Zana to settle things at home, Mehdi Zana spoke of their union with some mixed feelings: 'We've been married for 30 years, but we've spent only five years together. Maybe I should never have gotten married. I'm afraid she regrets our marriage.'

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