Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Istanbul’s New Target Olympic Games

Turkey, which has previously realized huge international organizations such as the Eurovision Song Contest, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit, the Champions League Final and Universiade, passed its Formula One exam.

The Formula One organization, in which Kimi Raikonnen came first, was found to be “very successful” in terms of both the track and the organization. One of the organizers of the Formula One, Chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Murat Yalcintas said the world’s second biggest sports organization was completed with great success as he added, “Now, we should hold the world’s largest sporting event, the Olympic Games”. Istanbul’s Governor Muammer Guler ranked Istanbul’s targets as follows: to be Europe’s capital of culture by 2010, to host the European Championships in 2012 and the major target is to host the International Olympic Games. Members of the tourism sector emphasize the contribution of the Formula One race to the promotion of Turkey saying that international visitors coming to Istanbul brought in $80-90 million dollars in revenue. According to Murat Yalcintas 50,000 international visitors watched the race and an income of $100 million was obtained.

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