Monday, August 15, 2005

‘Kurds must support the AK Party'

Former Diyarbakir Deputy Hasim Hasimi speaks up on the Kurdish issue

Hasim Hasimi -- a member of a highly respected Hashimi tribe, former mayor of Cizre and a former Diyarbakir deputy -- is still one of the leading figures among Kurdish-origin politicians. Former Prime Minister Tansu Ciller once proposed that he become a village guard, but he refused, and after he returned to Cizre he was detained. Nearly a dozen attempts have been made on his life, but he has survived.

Speaking of Prime Minister Erdogan's recent meeting with 12 Turkish intellectuals, Hasimi said: “If some Kurds had been there, it would have had better results. But anyway it's a positive first step.” Hasimi has called on Kurds to support the Justice and Development (AK) Party government, or at least not to make things difficult for it, claiming that Erdogan will find himself facing serious pressure. Below is our conversation with Hasimi

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