Thursday, September 15, 2005


The Kurdish question still remains unresolved, awaiting a just and democratic solution which would contribute significantly tostability and peace in the Middle East. But on the Kurdish question, Turkish authorities stay rigid; an uncompromising attitude whichheightens tensions in society.

At this critical moment, a group of Turkish intellectuals has taken up the initiative, calling upon all sides of the conflict to stop immediately all military operations and bring to an end the atmosphere of violence. The Turkish government has been asked to take serious steps to solve democratically the Kurdish question.

For the first time, Turkish Minister President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has publicly acknowledged the existence of the Kurdish question. Speaking after a meeting with a group of Turkish intellectuals in Diyarbakir on 12 August 2005, Erdogan admitted certain mistakes in Turkey’s policy towards the Kurds. In his speech, he supported a solution to the Kurdish question in the context of an extensive, democratic reform process in Turkey. We welcome such a constructive political move. It provides the opportunity for a basisfor a solution. In the past these political gestures have remained mere rhetoric which must be left behind. Serious steps to end the violence are required from both parties in the conflict.

The complete text in pdf format on KurdishInfo

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