Monday, September 12, 2005

Turkey, EU start another week of critical work

Voices of the silent: Britain, under heavy fire from Greece and Greek Cyprus on 'presidential impartiality,' is expected to renew its efforts to find agreement on the Union's counter-declaration. The 'quiet' supporters of the British position are asked to raise their voice at this week's COREPER meeting

France eases up on recognition: Some European observers believe that Greek Cypriot calls to impose a date for recognition by Turkey are no longer supported by Paris with the same stress. Remarks by France's European affairs minister are seen as a sign that Paris wants 'clarification' from Turkey but doesn't urge a date for assessing steps for normalization or recognition

More silent diplomacy, less grandstanding: Both Ankara and European diplomats see bilaterals of PM Erdogan and FM Gul carrying key importance. EU diplomacy may carry on in New York, certainly through bilaterals but also through an EU ministerial meeting next week on the UN sidelines. Meanwhile, Turkish government seeks to mobilize civil society at this critical juncture, through a meeting held last week with key Turkish NGOs

With less than three weeks to go until Oct. 3, the scheduled start of Turkey's much-awaited membership talks with the European Union, politicians and diplomats are again taking up multifaceted diplomacy this week in key European capitals and New York.

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Anonymous said...

I think we need more work at home to ready people for recognition of Cyprus.

This issue will just come up at every singe step. Within a few moths tehre are going to be issues of turning people away due to passports, not to mention imports.

On the Cyrpus issue time used to be "on our side" in terms of the status quo and we got used to it. Now time is not on our side and every single negotioation, discussion etc will have this problem. In the end our people there are no longer in danger and the troops are a total anachronism.