Sunday, October 30, 2005

NATO Possible Forum for Solving Armenia-Turkey Problems

IPAP is called an Individual Partnership Action Plan as each country proceeds from its own interests when working it out. NATO SecGen's Special Representative for the South Caucasus and Central Asia Robert Simmons stated it addressing a round table organized by Center for Strategic Analysis Spectrum. «For example, Georgia has underscored it wishes to become a NATO member and works for it. An advantage of the IPAP is that countries choose exactly what fits their interests best. It is the country that chooses priorities in cooperation with the NATO,» Simmons remarked. In his words, the IPAP provides for NATO member states providing assistance to partners for attaining their goals.

R. Simmons assessed NATO involvement in the South Caucasus and Central Asia as positive. «NATO involvement in the South Caucasus may benefit security of the three countries of the region. It is very important that the relations between NATO partners to normalize and attention should focus on peacekeeping missions and multilateral military force participation in those actions,» the NATO senior representative said. For example NATO participation helped solve the conflict between Russia and Georgia, he remarked. When commenting on Armenian-Turkish relations, Mr. Simmons stated, «We know Armenia has serious problems with Turkey. Turkey is a NATO member, however we consider the NATO should be used as a forum to solve the problems available.»

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