Sunday, October 30, 2005

Repression of PKK prisoners in Turkey continues

NEWSDESK, Oct 29 ( - Three PKK prisoners from the Bursa prison were transfered to the Tekirdag F-Type Isolation prison and two others were sent to the Edirne F-Type Isolation prison because of a 45-day hunger strike they joined between August and September to protest the isolation of the Kurdish national leader Abdullah Ocalan.

One of the PKK prisoners, Kenan Altun, who was sent to Edirne, was punished with one year in isolation. Altun will not be allowed to send or receive mails or have visits.

The five prisoners were put in isolation cells for a week before the transfer.

Meanwhile, five female PKK prisoners were transfered from the Buca F-Type Isolation Prison in Izmir to the Usak F-Type Isolation Prison. While the five prisoners were in Buca, their prison representative had handed over a petition to the prison administration, protesting the torture of several prisoners. The representative was beaten up in the warden's office by prison guards and sent back to the cells.

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