Saturday, October 15, 2005

Turkish Doctors Without Borders Rush to Help Earthquake Victims

It has been a week since the major earthquake jolted our friend, Pakistan. While efforts are continuing to help Pakistan recover, the hidden heroes of the earthquake have started to appear. Two Turkish doctors, who left behind their careers in Turkey after the August 17 earthquake and started to work as volunteer health servants in Pakistan and Afghanistan, have won the hearts of Kashmiri disaster victims. Two doctors, who rushed to help people of Muzaffarabad immediately after the great earthquake last Saturday, have been treating hundreds of wounded people. Dr. Selahattin Guleryuz and Dr. Mehmet Sari, who have been serving in a tent-clinic they pitched up in Abbasi Hospital's yard, said most of the injured they treat are people, who had their bones broken in the earthquake. The Turkish doctors that are serving disaster victims in Pakistan are members of the Pakistani-Turkish Schools Foundation that has been operating in Pakistan for 10 years.

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Kashif Aziz said...

We will appreciate all the help that we can get. For now there is an acute shortage of tents for shelter. Please pass the word around.

selene said...

Thanks for your message, I'll do all I can. Good luck and good work.