Friday, December 16, 2005

Celik: Private school bill getting final touches

'Our govt doesn't give private schools privileges but we don't neglect them either,' says education minister

Education Minister Huseyin Celik yesterday spoke on last month's controversial proposal to amend the Private School Law, saying that it's almost ready to be presented to Parliament after the Prime Ministry finishes the final touches.

At the opening of a private school in Istanbul, Celik said that private schools will be able to breathe easier as soon as the law comes into force.

The proposal stipulates that families of children registered in private schools will benefit from bank loans at low interest rates, while the state will pay up to half of their school fees.

It also proposes that students from state schools may be sent to private ones which benefit from a state budget, and private schools' electricity, water and natural gas will be charged at the same rates as those of state schools.

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