Friday, December 16, 2005

Lawsuit filed over World Women's Day beatings

A lawsuit has been filed against police who intervened in a demonstration on March 6 this year in Istanbul, held to mark March 8 World Women's Day.

The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office accuses 54 policemen of "excessive use of force and exceeding authority," and has recommended sentences from six months to 33 years in prison for those involved.

Some 38 people were injured as a result of the police intervention in the demonstration. The complainants have accused the police from the anti-terrorism squad of the excessive use of force which resulted in injuries to some of the demonstrators. Doctors' reports are also included in the accusation. They include details of complainant Alev Cevik's injury, which is not a simple injury that can be fixed by medical attention. The accusation also contends that demonstrator Nurdan Kambur's bones were broken during the usage of force.

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