Sunday, January 15, 2006

Armenian Lobby Seeks Compensation from German Banks After Axa

The Armenian Diaspora in the US, having filed a lawsuit against French insurance giant Axa operating in the US and the American New York Life company, once again carried the allegations of the Armenian genocide to the agenda.

As a partner of OYAK, the Turkish Army Pension Fund, Axa, at the same time, accepted to pay $17 million in compensation in an out of court settlement in the lawsuit against them, and announced that it would also make a donation of several million dollars to some Armenian aid organizations. The Armenian lobby has now chosen to target two important German banks, Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Bank. The Armenian lobby filed a lawsuit in California claiming that the banks in question had seized the bank accounts of Armenians who died in the 1915 Armenian deportation. Lawyers acting on behalf of the plaintiff, asking for payment plus interest, say that their main aim is to generate debate about the Armenian genocide. Mark Geragos, a lawyer in the case, said,” If we win these lawsuits, then people will begin to think, ’Yes, if these companies accept to pay this huge amount of money, then there must have been a ‘genocide’ at that time’.”

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