Sunday, January 15, 2006

Fantasy trap for rapist

A young woman invites a rapist to her hotel room seeking revenge. She tells him she wants to “fantasise”, then strangles him with her belt. A scene bearing great resemblance to one of the most striking scenes in the film, Basic Instinct, starring Sharon Stone, was relived in room 203 in a hotel in Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. According to 24 year-old Fatma Ceylan, the scene unfolded in the following way: The perpetrator recorded the rape on his mobile telephone says Ceylan, “35 year-old Ali Can Gavaz, a minibus driver in Keshan, raped me and filmed the scene on his mobile phone. I left the town and went to Istanbul in shame. He started threatening me, saying, ‘I’ll spread the images on the internet if you don’t sleep with me again’.”

Read the whole story on Hürriyet

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