Sunday, January 22, 2006

Flying to Ankara

This blog is going to change for a few days: either I won't post at all or I will post pictures of my journey to Brussels and Ankara.

I'm taking part to a seminar by the European Journalism Centre about Eu enlargement. I'm leaving tomorrow and coming back on Sunday. I trust it will be interesting and hope I'll be able to post at least a few pictures.

However, if I have the time to write down a diary of those days, it will be on my Turkish Diary newsletter, so if you want to know anything about it, subscribe to it (the form is here on the right).

Otherwise, see you next week.

I also remind those who already know and tell those who don't, that I have opened a travel blog in French, A la recherche du lieu perdu, where I have already posted the beginning of my last travel in Turkey. If you can read French, you are invited to have a look at it.

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