Sunday, January 08, 2006

Natural Gas Crisis a Lesson, 10-Year Action Plan Prepared

The Energy Ministry, which began preparations for the “road map” to solve the energy shortage in Turkey, focuses on short, medium, and long-term solutions. The ministry first aims to make savings and than to prevent illegal energy consumption. It will later resort to the domestic sources.

The natural gas crisis occurring between Ukraine and Russia led many countries, which are dependent on foreign sources for natural gas, to re-evaluate their situations. The European Union (EU), which was faced to face with the energy bottleneck a while ago, announced it will diversify its sources. Although the crisis did not affect Turkey directly, it caused a great deal of anxiety. The fact that almost 40 percent of electricity in Turkey is produced from natural gas formed the basis of anxiety. A possible natural gas cut will expectedly cause serious heating and manufacturing problems in the households and industrial facilities along with electricity bottleneck. Considering such potential problems, the Ministry of Energy began preparations for a 10-year action plan. The study prepared by the Energy Ministry emphasized that Turkey uses only 1/3 percent of its energy sources and it should give importance to the use of domestic sources to provide safety of supplying. The Higher Board of Energy presumes that if the path of the private sector is opened, the energy problem will be solved to a great extent.

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