Sunday, January 08, 2006

Turkey Fights Bird Flu

The bird flu which firstly encountered in Turkey in October in Kiziksa region of Balıkesir reappeared as at 5th January 2006 in Dogu Beyazit region of Agri. Three members of Kocyigit family has infected from the bird flu virus and lost their lives.

There are three dead and 18 patient are still under surveillance by now in Turkey. Nine of these patients are diagnosed with the bird flu. Besides Turkey, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are 42 dead in Vietnam, 14 in Thailand, 11 in Indonesia, 4 in Cambodia, and 3 in China depending to H5N1 virus.

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Ed Bremson said...

Thanks for the article. I did not know that bird flu had occurred in Turkey in October. Very interesting. Do you have a link to that information? I am following bird flu carefully, as you can see if you visit my blog, The Tao of Politics. I feel very bad for the Turkish people during this time of illness. Sincerely, Ed

selene said...

If you search the October archive of this blog, you can find several articles about bird flu in Turkey.
For instance:,, etc.
There is also a weird story: Sunday Times reports birds flu thieves in Turkey.
What journalists don't say, is that it's the Kurdish people who are living this tragedy.
Thank you for you comment.

Ed Bremson said...

Yeah, there are a couple of videos I posted on my blog. They help bring home the starkness and seriousness of what they are going through over there.

TuLûAt Blogspot said...

joke pic about RTE at Koizumi & RTE