Saturday, January 21, 2006

Turkmens Win Only One Seat in Kerkuk

The final results of the December 15 polls that will lead to the formation of a permanent parliament in the post Saddam period in Iraq was released on Friday.

The Shiite alliance received the majority of votes, though not enough to rule the country alone.

Of the 275 seats, the United Shiite Alliance won 128, while the Kurdish Coalition received 53. Sunnis, however, obtained 55 seats, though they boycotted last year's elections. The Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) had won three seats, a figure equal to 93,000 votes, in the January polls, but won only one seat this time. Five Kurdish, three Arab, and one Turkmen candidates were elected the representatives of Kerkuk ( Kirkuk), a city of Iraq where hot electoral disputes flourished before and after the ballots. Another four Turkmen candidates will expectedly be elected as parliamentarians, reporters said.

The ITF made an alliance with the Sunnis in Musul (Mosul), where Turkmens won 30,000 votes, leading to the election of Izzettin Abdallah Hussein as a member to the parliament, reporters said.

It is only Sadettin Ergec, the ITF leader, who managed to be elected as a new comer, whereas Hussein will resign to join the ITF soon, officials expect.

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