Monday, March 06, 2006

Anti-cigarette campaign gains momentum

The head of the Turkish Anti-smoking Fighters Foundation (SSV), Ubeyd Korbey, has said that warning messages on cigarettes packets, in concert with a series of anti-smoking advertisements, has decreased the number of people addicted to smoking in Turkey over the past six years.

In a statement made to the Anatolia news agency, Korbey asserted that the effects of a more concerted fight against cigarettes in Turkey were beginning to be seen, and that a significant drop had been registered in the number of addicted smokers since 1999.

The consumption of cigarettes in Turkey, which was registered as 1,610 cigarettes per capita six years ago, dropped to 1,490 per capita in 2005. Korbey noted that this decrease has even started to be reflected in the foreign press, recalling that an American journalist had recently mused that the expression "to smoke like a Turk" would soon fade into history.

Read the whole story on Turkish Daily News

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