Friday, March 10, 2006

ElBaradei suggests stronger role for Turkey to solve Iranian nuke standoff

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) head Mohammed ElBaradei proposed to Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul on Thursday that Turkey play a stronger role in efforts to find a peaceful solution to the nuclear standoff with Iran, Turkish sources said yesterday.

The Turkish foreign minister, who went to Vienna for talks with the European Union Troika, met with IAEA head ElBaradei yesterday and discussed the recent nuclear standoff with Iran and also Turkey's plans to develop civilian nuclear power plants.

Turkish sources said following the meeting that ElBaradei suggested Turkey continue its engagement in efforts to find a diplomatic solution to nuclear standoff between the West and Iran in a stronger way, stressing that Ankara has the confidence of both parties. The IAEA head also praised Turkey's efforts so far and underlined that his ideas on this issue are totally in line with those of Turkey.

"There are only a few countries which understand the issue and at the same time have the confidence of both the West actors and Iran," ElBaradei reportedly told Gul. He also stressed that it's impossible to find a solution to the issue through putting on pressure or threats, and told Gul that it's important for all parties to refrain from unconstructive statements and give up making threats.

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