Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fehriye Erdal’s escape causes crisis in Belgium

Fehriye Erdal’s escape despite being under strict surveillance of the Belgian Secret Service, la Sûreté de l’État, was the cause of an embarrassing national scandal. The incident swept the Belgian press and occupied the headlines of every newspaper in the country.

Le Soir newspaper referred to Erdal’s escape as an ‘embarrassment to the SE’. Likening the incident to a 70s French comedy, the newspaper stated that Fehriye Erdal was able to escape first in an automobile, then on a bus, despite being under 24-hour surveillance of a total of 32 people and 8 vehicles, adding that this situation left Belgium in an embarrassing position.

Another newspaper, La Libre Belgique, reminded readers that this was ‘unfortunately not a film’. The most popular newspaper of the Flemmish part of Belgium, Des Standart, referred to the incident as ‘scandalous’.

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