Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Right-wing Austrian party pushes veto of Turkey's EU entry

Following Austrian govt's failure last year to prevent EU from opening membership talks with Turkey, right-wing Freedom Party starts petition to veto Turkey's EU entry. If 100,000 or more signatures are collected, its Parliament would be legally required to debate the issues

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Anonymous said...

Don't want to crush your spirits...But I can never see the day when turkey will be accepted in the EU There's to much cleaning up to do and now with the Bird Flu there's far to much work to be done issues concerning public health & safety etc... It is a major concern...!

selene said...

Don't worry, no spirits to crush. I'm a journalist, I just report news.
Would you mind signing next time, please? I know I authorize anonymous commentaries, but I like to know at least the nickname of the person I talk to. Thank you.

Perico Oliveira said...

Dear anonymous, dear Selene

First of all, avian flu is a bad example as it has been reported in several EU countries as well, in Asia and Africa too. No one will be able to escape in any case (when talking about human transmission)...it is just a question of time (or not, depending on the sanitary response and the evolution of the disease). It can be in ten days, or in ten years.

It is important to remind that other health crisis have been detected (the mad cow crisis for instance. So...

Let's be honest with ourselves. The reality is that Turkey means for Europeans a huge, a paramount step in the conception of Europe, on re-inventing again its borders, on assuring (or not) that we are ambitious and we are looking towards the future, and not only towards our judeo-christian historical past.

It's our generation who will decide if we want to become part of the new emerging world, with all its contradictions, or we want to stay in a non-static body keeping artificial borders to populations with whom we are already having cultural and historical links. As Germans for instance...

With no doubt, improvement on hundreds of issues have to be made by a country like Turkey. However, can we, European, allow ourselves to let this opportunity pass away? Not for me....

And again, it is sad to see that it is all about membership, like being member of a club of squash, tennis or anything else.

What a century, if you read the memories of Stephan Zweig, you understand how small progress we have made in this domaine. 100 years ago people had no passport!!!

God damned!!!