Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Turkey’s gays will host global meeting against homophobia

‘We hope that this meeting in Ankara will help to build awareness of the fact that homophobia is not a matter only for gays and lesbians, but is also a matter for heterosexual women and men,’ says gay rights activist Erol

The gay society in Turkey is planning to hold an international meeting in Ankara this spring in order to bring together gay groups from across the globe to tackle the problem of homophobic feeling by simultaneously marking the second International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) -- a courageous move from a widely conservative country like Turkey.

The activity titled the “International Anti-Homophobia Meeting” is being organized by the Ankara-based Kaos Gay-Lesbian Cultural Researches and Solidarity Association (Kaos-GL) and will kick off on May 17, the day designed to help unite lesbian and gay groups in both liberal and more conservative countries.

Read the whole story on Turkish Daily News

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