Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ECHR to discuss Turkey’s electoral barrier

Turkey’s ten percent threshold in general elections has long been the subject of debate within the country as well.

DIYARBAKIR - The European Court of Human Right (ECHR) on Tuesday agreed to consider an application calling for the abolition of the electoral threshold in Turkey.

In 2003, Mehemt Yunak and Resul Sadak lodged a submission with the ECHR after they failed to gain a seat in the parliament in the 2002 general elections after having stood as candidates for the south eastern province of Sirnak as part of the Democratic People’s Party (DEHAP).

Though Yunak and Sadak received 46 percent of the votes they were not able to enter the parliament due to the electoral threshold, which requires a party to win 10 percent of the popular vote nationwide. DEHAP did not pass the 10 percent barrier and none of its candidates were able to take seats in the parliament.

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