Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two Semdinli suspects sentenced to 39 years 5 months

NCOs Ali Kaya and Ozcan Ildeniz, the suspects tried in the Semdinli bombing trial, were sentenced to 39 years 5 months prison term, in the fourth hearing in the Semdinli case that took place on Monday at Van 3rd High Criminal Court.

An accused NCO Ozcan Ildeniz, and a PKK informant, Veysel Ates, who have been accused in the bombing of the bookstore in Semdinli belonging to Seferi Yilmaz ( a convicted PKK member) re-appeared before court during yesterday's hearing.

Ali Kaya, another NCO accused in the case was not present at the court since he was taken to the military hospital in Ankara due to illness. The prosecution claimed that the transfer of the accused NGO to hospital was aimed at slowing the process of the trial

The court jury announced its verdict yesterday in spite of the absence of Kaya and sentenced both Kaya and Ildeniz to 39 years 5 months prison term. The two suspects were sentenced to 23 months on charges of establishing a crime gang, to 25 years for killing of Zahir Korkmaz, 12 years for attempt at murder of Seferi Yilmaz and 6 months for wounding Metin Korkmaz.

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