Thursday, July 20, 2006

'Mostly Former Turkish Citizens Purchase Land in Turkey'

A report prepared by the Turkish Land Registry General Directorate over the sale of property to foreigners has revealed new facts.

According to the report, the majority of foreigners who have purchased property or homes in Turkey are former Turkish citizens.

Turkish expatriates with citizenship in another country, after being granted permission by the Turkish Cabinet, are purchasing property in Turkey as “foreigners.”

Land Registry General Directorate Manager, Necdet Poyraz, said Turkish origin Greeks are among the foreigners purchasing property in Turkey.

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super hero said...

very interesting indeed. there must be a very large population who used to be former Turkish citizens once upon a time. thinking that the last exchange of citizens took place something like 80 years ago, i dont think the report revelals facts

selene said...

Ever heard of 4 million Turks in Europe, most of them in Germany? It's not referring only to Greeks of Turkish origin, it says those are just among them.

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