Tuesday, August 15, 2006

KazMunaiGaz works on a refinery project in Turkey

Kazakh Oil and Gas Company (KazMunaiGaz), Kazakhstan’s national oil company, is carrying out feasibility studies to build a refinery in Black Sea at Turkish coast.
KazMunaiGaz wants to build the refinery to transfer Kazakh oil to the Mediterranean region.
The company, even if it cannot build a refinery, is positive towards a consortium with Russian Lukoil which formally applied to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) to build a refinery in Turkish northern city of Zonguldak. Recently, Petrol Ofisi as well as Çalık Enerji& Indian Oil Corp. applied to EPDK to build a refinery and petrochemicals complex in oil pipelines terminal town of Ceyhan in Adana province.

Source: The New Anatolian

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