Saturday, April 28, 2007

If the Reverse Happened . . .

Metin writes:

If the tables were turned, and the reverse of the current situation played out in Turkey, the 'secular' establishment would have been up in arms about 'Muslims' ruining democracy and its inevitabilities and 'unpredictable-ness.' But now the whole world is watching and enjoying the comedy of errors as democracy backfires and produces results that the secularists didn't intend or count on. What a mockery to avoid showing up for work for the 'politicians' of the opposition parties who lack 'individual' courage! Even if they were to vote 'No' for the Gul Presidency, they should have at least shown up. Gul will still be elected President in the third round if not the second according to the Turkish constitution. But I think the opposition simply wanted to be heard. Why they waited until the last minute to resort to idiotic tactics I'll never know.
Maybe they lack credibility and the proper etiquette to have formed an opinion earlier even when they knew all along the scenario was going to play out as it is doing so right now.

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