Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Speculations about political motives in Eurovision results

Eurovision contest, as you know, has been won by Serbia. Turkey scored fourth. Speculation is inevitable.

Singer Kenan Dogulu claimed that political considerations were behind Serbia’s win in the contest, held on Saturday night.

“I am very sad,” Dogulu said at Helsinki airport ahead of flying back to Istanbul. “There was something political there and the points went to the Serbians.”

(Source: NTVMSNBC)

But it's not only Turkey that is musing about Eurovision results:

It attracted the interest of many that Turkey only gave the maximum 12 points to Armenian singer Hayko’s “Anytime You Need.” Musical tastes aside, most
people believe this is a political message.

“We are neighbors. We need to be friends. It goes to show how prominent a role music, friendship, and art play,” said Sezen Cumhur Onal, a celebrated music critic in Turkey. He believes the votes cast from Turkey for the Armenian contestant to be political and said there could not have been a better Mothers’ Day present.

On the other hand, Alin Tasciyan an Armenian-Turkish journalist and acclaimed film critic believes that political messages given through the Eurovision song contest fall short, as the contest itself has no political significance. She does not believe it is possible for Armenia to receive so many votes from only the Armenian community in Turkey. “I do not believe it is a high probability Because the number of Armenian living in Turkey is not that high,” she said, Turkish daily News reports.

Hayko with his song “Anytime You Need” took the 8th place in Eurovision 2007. He got 138 points. The highest 12 points he got from Turkey and Georgia.

(From PanArmenian.net)

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Louise said...

yes - and UK gave Türkiye on iki! The UK entry didn't deserve ANY points, it surely was a joke so more more fool Malta and Ireland for their votes (political or otherwise)!