Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A bit of science fiction?

So, let's talk about Turkey's future.
Let's start from today's news, from Hürriyet:

Turkey reveals new road map for EU bid
The Turkish government had prepared the draft of the third national program for the European Union in a bid to give new impetus to its accession process.

Turkey reveals new road map for EU bid

Turkey had prepared its 400-page long national document, which consists of four parts, the government spokesman told reporters late on Monday. The program expresses the government's commitments for the next four years, Cemil Cicek added.

Under the program, Turkey needs to introduce 131 new legislations, including constitutional amendments, in four years. Some of these legislations are aimed at strengthening the functioning of judiciary and other public institutions.

Sabah daily said the cost of the national program is calculated at around 21.8 billion euros, and 20.4 billion euros of this would be needed to adopt the environmental standards of the EU.

Turkey's EU process has been sluggish since the government lost its reform enthusiasm and was latter unsettled by political uncertainties. The Turkish government is expected to realize new reforms for the EU bid.

But what I really wanted to share with you is this article, published by Turkish Daily News two months ago, but that I have discovered only today. The subject is "The year 2026..." and here are a few of the fictitious headlines that amused me most. I invite you to read it all:

* Prime Minister Turgut Tayyip Erbakan, whose Justice, Welfare, Development and Felicity Party (ARKSP) has risen to power from the now-defunct AKP, said it was a grave injustice that the Constitutional Court ruled, once again, that the ban on the Islamic headscarf in public premises, including universities, should be maintained. Erbakan has protested that the court made its ruling without having consulted with the Holy Council of Imams.

* Crowds of Turks took to the streets in Istanbul and Ankara demanding broader cultural and political rights for the country's Turkish minority. The demonstrations turned violent after the police arrested 25 protestors for chanting pro-Turkish slogans.

* As Trinidad and Tobago became the 129th country where denial of Armenian genocide has been illegalized, Turkey again strongly denied that the 1915-1921 incidents were genocide. The Foreign Ministry said that it would not allow weapons suppliers from Trinidad and Tobago to bid on Turkish defense contracts.

* As Fenerbahce lost 5-0 against visiting Milan in a European Champions League group match, fans raided the club's headquarters, shouting for the return of their legendary president Aziz Yildirim, who headed the club in the 2000s. Fourteen people were killed in a shoot-out.

* Separately, Greece and Turkey came to the brink of war once again as both countries claimed jurisdiction over a dolphin that was swimming in the Aegean Sea 12 miles off the Greek coast.

* Brussels has warned Ankara over a dispute concerning the 109th chapter of the accession negotiations. The chapter, exclusively devised for Turkey's entry talks, involves household kitchen standards and per capita cholesterol consumption. Meanwhile, Ankara has protested Brussels over its swift admission of 21 new member states, including Armenia and Kazakhstan.

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