Saturday, October 25, 2008

Turks in Turkey cannot read Turkish Diary...

Or: another blog service closed. This time it's Blogger's turn.
From The Earth Times:

World's largets blog hosting service banned in Turkey

Ankara - A court in south-east Turkey on Friday banned Turkish internet users from accessing Blogger, the world's largest free blog hosting service. Internet users in Turkey discovered Friday afternoon that the site, which hosts millions of blogs, or web logs, had been blocked. When users tried to view a blogger's page they were redirected to a message which said: "Access to this website has been suspended in accordance with decision no. 2008/2761 of the TR Diyarbakir First Criminal Court of Peace."

No reason for the ban was given.

Turkish internet users are used to court-ordered bans of a large range of websites, including the video-sharing site Youtube, which was barred for hosting a video insulting the founder of the Turkish republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Adnan Oktar, an Islamic creationist has also been successful in getting a variety of sites banned by court decisions, including blog hosting website Wordpress and the personal website of renowned biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins.


Nomad said...

Please read comments too.

Selene Verri said...

I cannot read the link. Could you do a link, please?

Nomad said...
It was about the reasons for the blanket banning. In THAT article, it stated that it was a result of copyright infringement and Digiturk was behind it.. But the newest article goes back to Oktar again. So who knows? It is just all very very sad and depressing for Turkey.